Coming to Greece

Transportation is on your own, however we are happy to propose you ways to fly to Thessaloniki Airport which is the closest airport to our Camp’s venue. Most of the cheap connections we found are with Ryanair, however there are also EasyJet and WizzAir flights to Thessaloniki.

Below there is a graphic illustration of prices for return tickets from certain European cities to Thessaloniki. Prices are from February 20th so they can be different at the moment you check them. Blue colour connections are Ryanair flights, the orange one is EasyJet. Click on the picture to make it larger.



From the Airport to Hotel Denis

As most of the flights are scheduled during the day, we believe the best idea is to make the arrival day (April 23rd) free from lectures. We suggest you to spend the day in the city of Thessaloniki. We are going to schedule an evening bus that will take you from the city straight to the hotel. The price is not known yet but it will be only couple of euros. Transportation proposal will be presented to Liberty Camp students. It’s a voluntary option so anybody who wants to travel to Paralia on their own on April 23rd is welcome to do so.