Our team

Glenn Cripe


Since 2005, Glenn has brought LLI’s Liberty Camps and Seminars to over 2500 students in 22 countries, expanding his network of freedom fighters around the world. When not hosting Liberty Camps, Glenn recruits and develops new local partners, teachers, and donors for the Institute. He also enjoys playing classical piano, attending jazz, opera, and folk events, and hiking in the Arizona mountains and desert. Before co-founding the Institute, Glenn pursued a career in IT development, consulting, and training. He takes special pleasure in having helped translate and publish the works of Ayn Rand into Russian in 1993 — the first time her works could be read in her native language.Originally from Chicago, now an Arizona resident, Glenn has lived in a dozen cities in the US and abroad. He studied languages, finance, and economics at Indiana University. He speaks Italian, French, and a bit of German.

Andy Eyschen


Andy is a co-founder and director of the Language of Liberty Institute. An Australian citizen, originally from Luxembourg, Andy currently works as a management consultant from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Andy’s special contribution to LLI and the Liberty Camps is his broad experience with consulting, organizational development, and training programs.

Jacek Spendel


Founder and president of the Freedom and Entrepreneurship Foundation and ex-director of the Polish-American Leadership Academy, FEF’s flagship project. Spendel also served as the Local Coordinator for the European Students for Liberty. He is a former president of the KoLiber (Conservative – Libertarian) Youth Association. PhD candidate (Political Philosophy) at the Jagiellonian University in Cracow, Poland. Graduated in sociology at the University of Silesia and also studied at the Georgetown University in Washington, DC.  As Polish representative of the Language of Liberty Institute, he organized five times Liberty English Camp in Poland and once in Malta (April 2014). Spendel has Professional experience in think-tank management from the Globalization Institute (where he worked between 2005 and 2012) and broad contacts in the worldwide freedom movement. He is also new into business, just started his own pizzeria, Xpress Pizza.

Jan Kuban


Jan Kuban (nom de plume – John Freeslow) – scientist and entrepreneur, CEO of Quality Business Software from Warsaw, mountaineer and mountaineering instructor, a traveler, an activist for freedom and economic development, polyglot, coach of young entrepreneurs, creator of Q-Line IT technology, biocybernetics, author of the book “Physics of life”. “The guy who bluntly and in plain speech lectures on running your own business and encourages and motivates listeners to invest in their own personal development.

We highly recommend his dictionary of the physics of life, indispensable to anyone who is interested in understanding the mechanisms that govern our reality. His online blog is also available but it needs to be translated from Polish.

Matthew Kwasiborski


Matthew Kwasiborski joined The Fund for American Studies in February of 2005. He has directed The American Institute on Political and Economic Systems (AIPES) since 2005. In this position, Matt has worked with well over a thousand students, alumni, faculty and staff representing more than 50 countries. Matt served as the vice president and treasurer of the Board of Advisors for the Center of International Media Ethics (CIME). Matt also facilitates workshops titled, “Liberating Leadership in the 21st Century”, for universities, NGOs, and businesses around Europe and the United States.

A native Philadelphian, Matt earned a bachelor’s degree in history at Loyola University in New Orleans, LA and a master’s degree in executive leadership from the Thierry Graduate School of Leadership in Belgium. Prior to joining TFAS, Matt taught English as a second language (ESL) in Fonyód, Hungary. He also served as an administrator/ teacher of world religions and cultures for the Summer in Switzerland program located at the Leysin American School. Matt previously taught world religions, morality, computers and served as a basketball coach for Mount Carmel Academy in New Orleans, La. From 2001 to 2004, he served as director of the Loyola University Big Brothers/Big Sisters of America program in New Orleans creating the largest student organization ever at Loyola. This program initiated a city-wide effort creating relationships between Loyola students and the elementary/ primary school students of New Orleans. Matt was nominated for Outstanding Alumnus of the Philadelphia Public School District in 2004.

Vladislav Tiulchenko


Vladislav is the primary organizer of this Liberty Camp, motivated by his participation at three camps last year, where he improved his English and learned libertarian ideas. Recently, Vladislav became the Local Coordinator for European Students for Liberty, and became active in creating a libertarian society in Ukraine. Vladislav studies Mass Communications and PR. His main hobbies are collecting and investing in antiques, and sports such as swimming, yoga, martial arts and table tennis.


Augustine Bartning

40 Hispanic Leaders Under 40Augustine is a realtor, politico and consultant. He has bought and sold real estate, run for elected office, and strategized for political campaigns. He worked in New York City for almost ten years in higher education consulting, administration and strategic planning, where he co-authored two articles on higher education in India published in international journals. A graduate from the School of Foreign Service at Georgetown University, Augustine has visited over fifty countries, served on boards of several community organizations and participated as an American delegate in the Japanese-sponsored Ship for World Youth program. Born and raised in Phoenix, Augustine is an avid hiker.


Viacheslav Dvornikov


Slava is the editor of the online journal r-e-e-d.com, which covers economics and politics in post-Soviet countries. He also used to work in Slon.ru, Moscow-based online business newspaper, and in a bank in Saint-Petersburg as a consultant.
Slava was an intern at the Atlas Economic Research Foundation and Cato Institute.