Our Venue: Hotel Denis & Bungalows


When you stay at Denis Hotel you will find yourself in a magnificent area as soon as the sun rises in the morning. In the south you will see Olympus, the mythical and famous mountain, to stand up proudly. In the east you will see the picturesque beaches of Thermaikos bay with the blue sea water. Looking at all this you will feel very happy and you will have a childlike feeling.

All the area around Hotel DENIS is well known for the myths, the walks to places of archeological interests and the History of 3.000 years. All these thinks make you fee very excited. In the middle of this magnificent place, Hotel Denis is built. You are offered the facilities of a family environment, an environment which now belongs to the second generation of businessmen with an experience of 20 years.

We offer our Students:

> Accommodation in rooms for 3 people & 4 people
> Food (depends on the price option you choose):
1. Buffet Breakfast
2. Dinner with three courses (Salat + Soup + Main Dish)

more information: