About Camp

How to bring people from all over the world around the common idea?
Liberty English Camp …because Freedom is the best reason for vacation!

The purpose of the Camp is to create an exciting adventure opportunity for people of different nationalities by allowing them to improve their language skills and get a better understanding of the world. Not only in terms of economics and politics, but cultural variety as well.

During one week’s stay in the most beautiful corners of earth, we explore liberty from various perspectives: philosophy, history, law. That way we create a foundation for meetings and discussions. Our lecturers are businessmen, investors, liberty activists. They bring a wealth of experience and provide you with plenty of inspiration and advice. Who knows, maybe you will find an idea and partners best suited for your future business?

“Liberty Camp is a unique event in a truly wonderful place, it’s designed for open-minded people, and it’s definitely about fun!”

Useful questions to ask yourself:

> Do you want to improve your English?

> Do you like meeting interesting people?

> Do you want to explore the world?

> Finally, do you need a relaxing holiday?

Yes? Then Liberty English Camp is for you!